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Albacappella Education

& Retreats

As a group of singers Albacappella aim to be, "always learning how to do what we enjoy, but even better". Our retreats are a mixture of work (picking up new performance and singing skills) and fun. Below are a few photos from some of our retreats.

It's been such a privilege to work with some amazingly talented people.
February 2019 with the multi-talented Monica Funnel.
February 2018 we spent with a person who helped the chorus discover the inner emotions of music and how to respond personally to that - Dale Kynaston we thank you.

September 2017 with the world renowned and awe inspiring and newly qualified BHS Judge Theresa Weatherbee on how to really engageonstage with your audience.

February 2017 with LABBS Champion Chorus White Rosettes Musical Director - Sally Mclean.
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As a cappella singers we have to make our voices cover the lack of accompaniment, so the closer we can match to each others voice, the better it sounds! Who needs musical instruments when we all carry our own instrument, the voice.

Just to prove it's not all hard work - we do get some relaxing socialising time after the coaching - Rob Barber letting his hair down with us.
We continually work on improving how we look and sound, but sometimes the best way to get better is to break away from the normal routine. We plan into our year some specific education weekends which mix lots of hard work and learning with loads of fun and socialising.
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