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Welcome to Albacappella, proud to be the best LABBS chorus in Scotland.

A Cappella singing in Aberdeen, Deeside, Donside and Aberdeenshire

During 2023 we have welcomed many new talented singers to our group as well as relocating to a bigger venue at Garlogie. If you love to sing well then why not make it a resolution to improve your health and sing in 2024.

Albacappella welcome visitors to attend our rehearsals. We're always open to guests. To enquire about visiting a club night or perhaps joining Albacappella Chorus, click here. Especially if you like singing high harmony or low notes and may have been told that didn't fit with other singing styles.

Albacappella sing and perform our music allowing each voice to safely hear the other voices around them. We stand at a distance so we can make the most of our voices, blend with each-other and hear the beauty of our singing style.

During Lockdown and restrictions we continued to practice at home and interact through weekly on-line Zoom rehearsals and on-line social gatherings. It wasn't the same, but it kept us singing.

Albacappella have also sung regularly over Zoom with Granite City Chorus, so if you like the idea of mixed a cappella then get in touch. Click here to Contact us if you would like to join in remotely or in person and feel a part of the singing community. Keep in touch if you would like to come along at a future date or have been along to a rehearsal but haven't joined us yet.

Even in these trying times, Singing is good for your health - and we normally stand a person distance away from the next singer in the group.

Albacappella Love2sing well.
Do you?

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Albacappella Chorus are the original Aberdeen A Cappella Ladies Chorus and we Love2Sing well - we held a free 4 week Love2Sing course in September and early October which was fantastic, with so many guests enjoying learning a fabulous song together. We rehearse once a week:
  • to learn our songs
  • improve our singing skills through group and individual education and coaching
  • develop our voice; our confidence and have fun performing together

Albacappella are part of a UK based network of singers called LABBS - some of the finest vocal performers in the country.

Albacappella are always ready to welcome dedicated singers who want to share in this wonderful healthy hobby. You don't need to be able to read music (although its great if you do), or have any formal musical or theatre training - you do need dedication and commitment. A choir is the product of everyone in it - soloists are great but you don't need to be one!

You could be part of Albacappella, to find out more about us click here. .

Visitors welcome to attend Albacappella rehearsals - contact us to let us know you are coming just in case we are performing that night.
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Albacappella Love2sing a cappella melodies and harmonies - which simply put means we don't use musical instruments to provide any backing. Albacappella make music with the qualities of the human voice. Our combined voices make the chord sounds you'd expect from instruments; the chords we sing sound perfect on their own!
Albacappella Chorus are based in Deeside Aberdeenshire. We are members of LABBS (Ladies Association of British Barbershop Singers) a nationwide organisation for women's Barbershop Choirs and we meet on a Wednesday night to practice at the St Peter's Heritage Hall Peterculter.

Some of these images were taken during our live contest performances. We've performed in England, Wales and Ireland as well as our native Scotland. It's great to share our music with appreciative audiences.
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Up for a New Challenge -

Fed up with all the negative vibes of the daily news? Searching for something new to do - Why not Take Up a Healthy Hobby and start singing with Albacappella? It's great wellbeing for the body and the mind.

Ever thought about singing or harmonising?

Joining a choir has never been more popular, and if you're inspired by #TheVoice #PitchBattle or "Naked Choir" on TV then maybe its for you.

It's a great way to stay healthy, meet new people and share in a hobby that brings people all over the world of all cultures, together. Come and watch Albacappella practice our performances on a Wednesday evening.

Winning Ways Continue

In 2018 much to our surprise and joy Albacappella won the Barbershop Class of the Aberdeen Music Festival. 2019 was no less a contest as men's and ladies Barbershop Choruses of Aberdeen came together to entertain and share our music. The contest was that tight that the adjudicator couldn't separate the choruses. As Albacappella had welcomed in 15 new members in 2019 we are doubly delighted to have our biggest turn out for this wonderful festival. 2022 and our return to the festival in real life following virtual festivals again saw a tie for first place with Granite City Men's Barbershop Chorus.
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Past Events

October 2018 brought us to Harrogate for the LABBS Convention. Fantastic time was had by all. See our blog page.

We had various Christmas shows and events that we shared our singing at Around Aberdeen and the Shire.

Saturday 2nd December saw our Christmas Show, with guests including Granite City Chorus, Highland Harmony and the Ukeladies, as well as local singers and dancers. A great evening was had by all in a traditional cabaret style. Thanks to everyone who supported us.

Albacappella enjoyed a fantastic convention with our visit to the Irish Association (IABS) Convention in Cork 6th-8th October 2017. It was a fabulous weekend of Music and Fun. We even managed a couple of songs with the Granite City Chorus whilst we were there!

One Day One Choir

We dedicated one of our rehearsal songs on 27th September to "One Day One Choir" world peace day - which was on Thursday 21st September

Anyone interested in joining, returning to singing or just having a listen to see if it's for you are welcome to come to any of our rehearsals.
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Albacappella won
The LABBS - MOST IMPROVED Chorus 2016. Catch us on YouTube

October 2017 we competed at IABS International Chorus contest. Follow this link.

Help us raise funds for Albacappella.

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Get Social with Albacappella Chorus, we're also now on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


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